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Hey, it's only been 2 months!

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Nov. 4th, 2012 | 12:05 pm

Still in limbo. Need to get my ass to the local college to discuss my transferring credits and to register for some classes soon though.
I've got to figure out what to do with work as well since the distance and schedule is going to conflict with my current situation. Maybe after Christmas gifts are bought...lol

It's been enough time to assess and say that relatives I haven't seen in 30 years isn't necessarily a good or bad thing. There is a reason that they haven't shown their face in 30 years though. Hey, some people feel they are the center of the universe and life stops unless its revolving around them. Good for them. Unfortunately that doesn't fit with me having changed my perspective in life and now requiring anyone to be in my life to meet me half way because I have lots to give and pretty awesome at it. I'm worth the effort so now that I've gone to great distance to see them, it's their turn to either make more happen or peace out.

Let me add what I amgrateful for since this is the direction my habits are turning to more. Of course I've had some very low days but, practice, practice, practice :)
Having the opportunity to finally get my life on track. There are some supportive people who are aware we can help each other out, and soon I can hammer out more classes per semester.
A life changing situation has opened my eyes to HOW to improve the quality of my life. What was making me a slave to my "career" and how much I am able to change it.
I see that still not owning a house has saved me from losing my ass financially in the current housing market. I also am able to move when I'm ready and GTF outta dodge should I choose.

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