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Sep. 14th, 2012 | 10:32 pm

Some random article on gadget feed mentioned LJ and an app!
Uh, the last time I was on here, maybe a year ago? Jeesh. Lots has changed and It's never easy but they needed to be done. I might not get everything I want but in my process of wanting to accomplish them, other things have come into my life instead. Guess it's all supposed to work out, right?
Forgot about this journal but was recently reminded. Decided it may be worth a try even though I have time restrictions.
I occasionally want a place to put my own thoughts down without the all the limitations of some others.
Currently my plans are in limbo while the hubby secures his. This is a big curve ball for me but we shall see if it is meant to be. I'm nervous about the uncertainty and excited for a bit more security in the near future. Hoping for the best!

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